The most secure way to store one’s cryptocurrency is OFFLINE!

A paper wallet is the most secure method to store and hold cryptocurrencies.

  1. Paper wallets are offline, away from hackers.
  2. Easily converted back into the digital realm.
  3. Secure from digital electronic failures.
  4. Easily reproduced and stored in separate locations.

Check out our CryptoPaper video here!

I was worried about recommending paper wallets to friends and family, knowing they would use standard printer paper. This paper is weak, and easily destroyed. I spent several months searching for a paper company which could produce a paper to my specifications. I am now able to offer this amazing paper to you.

Crypto Paper offers the user security and piece of mind.

  1. Water resistant.
  2. Tear/crumple resistant.
  3. Flame resistant.
  4. Easily transferred to recipients.

If you value your Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, put your trust in the best quality paper for your offline storage.

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**This paper only works with laser printers or Sharpie pens! Do not use Ink jet printers.**