Investing in cryptocurrencies can initially be daunting, scary and intimidating. I will get you started off on the right foot. I am available to help you with the following services:

  1. Setting up investment accounts on exchanges.
  2. Setting up cold/paper and hot/online wallets.
  3. Transferring currencies to from one wallet to another.
  4. Converting one currency to another.
  5. Dealing with soft and hard forks in the network.
  6. Setting up hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger.
  7. Securing and auditing your systems for secure transactions.
  8. Tutorials on encryption, hashing, mining, and security.
  9. Troubleshooting issues and miscellaneous problems.
  10. Setting up payment gateways for your business to accept cryptocurrencies.

Please contact me for more information. I do not provide financial or investment advice.

All services are one hour minimum.